Quickbooks Sync sttoped

Hi quickbooks sync stopped after start i have 70 customers and just have passed 30 can help me for restart the proccess

Hi Alvin, please create a ticket

Hi Nikolay i created a ticket and has been resolved, but now the problem is the next i create an invoice and i think splynx hooks need to send the invoice to quickbooks but do nothing in my time using splynx i try to use hooks but evens fail!

Hi Alvin,

let me know, hook was turn on when you create invoice? If yes, then try to restart daemons:
sudo service rabbitmq-server restart
sudo service splynx_queue restart

i dint know if hooks working or not i dot this command many tymes yesterday remember i using debian login as root not ubuntu.

Hi Alvin,
please, create ticket again and we will check your system

Yeah I found integration problem both with QB and sage. Solved later but annoying.

I was trying QB sync - it works. The proble is that sometimes it doesn’t push all invoices, for example 2 of 20 are not pushed to QB, then I ran script manually and it synced everything

Here is a video that I was creating during QB testing - https://splynx.com/3621/quickbooks-integration/