Public IP Address permanent assignment

There are some subscribers who requires to use public IP address and currently Splynx assign private IP to subscriber devices (P2P or ADSL). Is there a way to provide Public IP when required by customers.


You define the static IPs in Networking / IPv4 Networks
It does not have to be a private IP range.

What i need is public IP address assigned to P2P customers and managed by Splynx. The IP should be reachable outside.

I understand what you need.

Let’s start with this, your current internal range is ?
Please send screenshot of Networking / IPv4 Networks

What Public IP addresses do you have available?

Our public IP is /26. should I post here the range.

What you need to do is ADD your Public IP range in SplynX

And then in your first screenshot, you can define a public static ip for your customer.

Routing is up to you on how you route your customer to the internet (To bypass your NAT)

Thanks Goose,
Will add the public IPs and check our Mikrotik routing if i need to make adjustment. Maybe I need help for the routing.

Hallo you going to need to do some routing …alternatively you can do 1:1 Nat.

I will configure the internal routing and will share with u the result

Hi Hassan,

Did you get your Public IPs/ Routing to work? i need to do the same, but Im stuck at the routing. Any advice will be much appreciated.

Johan, can you please somehow describe your topology or maybe add a picture of your network topology here, it will help to understand and suggest you a solution

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Alex/Johanjsn, I have n’t still succeeded, because I could not do mikrotik routing i a live system. Attached is our current network topology. Access part (Mikrotik and Splynx Server) operate with public IP while the customer part are using Private IP via Mikrotik PPPoE Bridge. We assign permanent private IP to customers via Splynx. Sometime a customer my request to have public IP and this is where the issue is: how such an existing and serving topology can accommodate to provide both private and public?


works without problem, PM me for help.


Hi Heiko,

Please could you point me in the correct direction we have the same topology and require Public IP’s to clients without nat

Hi, depends how you network look like.

–> Then Framed-IP via Splynx AAA and a additional Network on the Authoritive list of your Mikrotik DHCP Server. Then add a Gateway IP from that public network on the IPoE Interface and assure that routing propagates it.

–> Then Framed-IP from Splynx-AAA and a OSPF or BGP setup which injects dynamic connected routes (which is what a Framed-IP will create) into the OSPF Area

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Thanks Heiko.