Proxmox Virtualization

Good day

Any of you here use Proxmox for full on virtualization?
We use VMWare ESXi and not happy at the moment and also bloody expensive. Where some free products offer so much more.

Any thoughts.



Sure, we use Proxmox on few server, and it work really well.

Worth the switch over from VMWare ESXi?


We host a very large Proxmox cluster - and are very pleased with its performance.

High Availability is FREE out of the box - vs ESXi - backups, etc kick major tail as well

it is worth the switch - you can use lxc (containers) and kvm



Thank you very much for confirmation, I have read some other forums. But wanted other feedback as well.

Thank you for reassuring me.

ProxMox is great stuff. VMware is a great product as well - I won’t deny that, but VMware is damn expensive and with a little bit of work, you can achieve the same things and more in ProxMox. Containerization is a great tool. I run Splynx on a container on proxmox in fact!

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Thank you for yet another positive comment, seems like proxmox is definitely the way to go.

Will do my research on the product to the best extend of what the web gives me and then the rest should be natural as its all linux.

Thanks again