PPPoE Intermediate Agent

I was wondering if it’s possible for Splynx to use the PPPoe Intermediate agent tags as an authentication for customers. In my case, I have lots of subs on DSL that are PPPoE, so when they connect, radius will include like this:

Vendor-Specific Attribute (26), length: 62, Value: Vendor: Cisco (9)
Vendor Attribute: 1, Length: 54, Value: circuit-id-tag=MYDSLAM ptm 1/1/8:11 Bond Group:$bond$
Vendor-Specific Attribute (26), length: 36, Value: Vendor: Cisco (9)
Vendor Attribute: 1, Length: 28, Value: remote-id-tag=MY-CKT-REMOTE-ID

If splynx could authenticate against the circuit id tag (or optionally, the remote id tag), this could override any user supplied username/password and really simplify user and cpe management by no longer requiring unique usernames/passwords per service and instead just going by the administratively established circuit id. This really should be easy to do since you have freeradius under the hood, just wondering if anyone has been down this road?


In the current version you can authorize PPP connections by identyfing them via ADSL-Agent-Remote-ID if " PPP (ignore username and password) use only MAC address " is enabled in Config → Radius. The CPE value should be present in customer’s service’s Port ID field either in HEX or plain value. However this option will work only with pap/chap connections, you’ll need to disable mschap on the server.