PHP Customer Status API

I am trying to setup a simple php page API, that will display all customers with the following attributes

  • Full Name
  • Status (Online or Active/Offline)
  • GEO Data

I have found the following below which is suppose to dump all online customers but idd like help with modifying the below to echo out the results onto a simple table with the three above table headers.

Splynx already has something similar to what we need in this location https://YOUR_SPLYNX_SERVER/admin/customers/map but i want to get more out of this and yes i also want to integrate it into google maps and this needs to refresh every 10 min (I hope you understand what i mean) :slightly_smiling_face:

 * Splynx API v2.0 demo script
 * Author: Volodymyr Tsumanchuk (Splynx s.r.o.)
 * - API documentation

include 'SplynxApi.php';

$api_url = 'SPLYNX_URL'; // please set your Splynx URL

$admin_login = "USERNAME"; // Splynx administrator login
$admin_password = "PASSWORD"; // Splynx administrator password

$api = new SplynxAPI($api_url);

$isAuthorized = $api->login([
    'auth_type' => SplynxApi::AUTH_TYPE_ADMIN,
    'login' => $admin_login,
    'password' => $admin_password,

if (!$isAuthorized) {
    exit("Authorization failed!\n");

$customerApiUrl = "admin/customers/customer";

print "<pre>";

$result = $api->api_call_get($customerApiUrl);
if ($result) {
} else {
    print "Fail! Error code: $api->response_code\n";


Hello Penwell,

i have replied on a ticket.