Paypal add-on stops working after update

I performed the upgrade to Splynx 1.3 a few evenings ago. Now, when customers click on the Paypal logo in the portal to pay a bill, an Internal Server Error message #256 comes up. I have verified it with a test user account that I have for testing these things for myself. Any idea what could have happened? I verified that the Splynx-Paypal addon is the latest version, and my params.php file has not changed. Not sure where to go from here.


In the meantime, since I had a Stripe account from before, I thougth I would install the stripe addon and set it up also. I have completed setup, but when I go to the Stripe option in the user portal, I get a blank page… I’m thinking Addons in general are maybe broken?

Hi Matthew,
please, create a ticket with access to your system and we will check all configuration

So as an update for others, I had SSL issues that were causing issues with Paypal. With the help of I found the issues and resolved them. Paypal works again. However, Stripe is still not working.

Hi Matthew, if you use SSL then for all addons in params.php you should set


It turned out to be a missing comma on the end of line number 5 in params.php. Tested and working great now!