Paypal add-on for Splynx


apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-paypal

Configuration required: /var/www/splynx/addons/splynx-paypal/config/params.php

// Splynx url (without last slash)
'splynx_url' => '',

// PayPal credentials
// You can get it by creating REST API app on page "My Apps & Credentials" in PayPal developer
// account (
'clientId' => '',
'clientSecret' => '',
'isProduction' => true,
'currency' => 'USD',

Manual with video: PayPal payments in Splynx


Hi, is it posibile to add unit conversion for unsuported currency like HRK ( croatian kuna ) so my coustumers can pay invoice by bank transfer in HRK but also via paypal by EUR.

Best regards