Pay Now Link sent by email

Is there a way to add a pay now button with a link that will go directly to a paypal (or other processor after v1.3) in the email text? This way a customer does not have to login to the customer portal, they can just pay the invoice from the link in the email or even a link in the PDF invoice.

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last splynx-paypal add-on, and

in template you can use:

{% set pay_pal_url = ‘SPLYNX_URL/paypal/direct-pay-invoice?item_id=’ ~ number %}

or just a link:


ps: this is the only support on paypal add-on at the moment.

I have added a “Pay Invoice” button in our reminder and invoice mailing templates but it does not work. Please check my code below.

Client Portal

When I insert the data for just the link it does not autofill the SPLYNX_URL or INVOICE_NUMBER fields. I was hoping this would be a working template function so it can be fully automated to help customers pay easier.

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Hi @spous @Spencer_Pous , did you ever make the “Pay Invoice” link work with PayPal correctly?