Pay As You Go plan


its will be amazing to have Pay As You Go in CAP Plans , customer just need to top-up account and it will charge according to rate of GB with unlimited validity and different GB price according to Rush hours he can switch between speed tooo ??

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Really looking for this

This is possible to achieve now. I think we had a discussion on other topic, just cannot find it now.]
You setup the plan with some speed, for example 10 Mbps. In CAP you set monthly CAP to 10 MB.

Customer connects and can use only 10MB and is immediately blocked. Now he has to buy Data - using Top UP feature, no other option and he is able to use internet only when he has Data.

Hello Alex

yes its good idea i have test it but its manual each time customer need to log and buy manual

is it possible to have this automatic when he top-up its deduct PER GB price ?