Offering free internet for users


I wanna do a promotion for some clients to offer free internet up to 512 kbps forever but if they want some more capacity to be able to upgrade seamless without me helping them and without having prepaid cards to put them to change their username and password or other “complicated” things. Can you help me with an idea how to do this with Splynx?


I think it’s possible with our prepaid system,

one think - blocked customer in your case must be not really blocked, but with limited speed : 512/512. - more about blocking:

so, looks like possible.

Hello ex,

I was talking about allowing users to use internet up to 512 kbps and to have boosters cards like if they want and buy from our internet page to have more internet speed not traffic volume for an amount of time. So can you please help me with this?


Hi, the main thing that you need is :

  1. Define the default tariff with price 0 and speed 512/512
  2. Setup client with this tariff. Customer should be in prepaid mode
  3. You need the option for self-changing of tariff by customer. This will be available in 1.3 version, launched during next month
  4. Customer choses the plan on his billing section. Also pays amount of money that he wants to pay via paypal or creditcard. For example for 3 weeks for 10Mbps. And his plan changes after receiving payment to that. Probably assistance is needed from our side to make 4th step work.
  5. When customer balance is 0 after 3 weeks of usage, he is blocked. And you should configure blocking rule which in fact will limit his speed to 512/512. Then he can reactivate the plan he was using last time or change it.

So, everything is possible, but I’m sure that this setup is not possible to achieve with free splynx license without our assistance.


Sometime ago you had subscriptions plans which are now out of the page. This way of paying is still available? If it so how much is the first entry plan for 200 - 300 users or how much it will cost us the above integration?

Best regards,
Sergiu Calinoiu

Regarding the costs - we should take a look on the scope of the project with my development team leader and tell you. I can provide you quote for work and license, but better is to talk about commercial things via email or skype, my contacts are :

Alex Vishnyakov
Skype: isp-servis-cz
Tel.: (+420) 603 109 280


Currently our prepaid subscribers are blocked once the amount is finished. I would like to change that rule and make the customers to use minimum data for certain days “may be 3 days” in the meantime customers should get the notification that their balance has finished. After the 3 days they should be blocked if they did not pay.