No packets on port 3799

i have managed to get Splynx running, except that the Mikrotik get any packets on port 3799. I am not able to make this working. Any suggestions are welcome.
Must i add a firewall rule to make it work? The splynx and the MT are in the same network (from the MT) and they can ping each other.
If i telnet the MT with port 21 or 8728 it’s working.

Any Ideas? I used ROS 6.39.2 and today i updated to 6.40 (stable)

Kind Regards

Some debugging,

please check /var/www/splynx/logs/radius/coa …
file, and try to run this command from SSH.

and check the result.

it seems the problem was Ubuntu 14.04. Once i changed to Debian 8 all works fine. Even i have now a newer version :slight_smile:
May it can be a good idea to clearify it on the Website (part install) and i recoment a short notice about “apt-get upgrade” as well?

Kind Regards