New user registration

Good day.
I’m developing a flutter app.
It is required that customers be able to register for the service through the application.
In the documentation, I only found how to add a new user, and for that you need to be an administrator.
And is there an implementation of user registration in the API?

Can be administrator with proper permissions, or api key.

And how to register through a Google account?

Нашол social_id атрибут. Но как мне сменить его значение когда додаю нового пользователя? Он в additional_attributes, но когда даю запрос /api/2.0/admin/customers/customer/ ‘social_id’: socialId, то не меняет и если запрос будет ‘additional_attributes’: {‘social_id’: socialI} тоже ничиго не меняет

Additional attributes there additional fields. social_id field was created by add-on “splynx-selfregistration” and should be populated by this add-on when customer registered.

I understand this, but how do I change additional attributes via API? I tried {‘additional_attributes’: {‘social_id’: ‘[myData]’}} but it doesn’t work

Try to convey this array with data in update customer API call:

$data = [
      'additional_attributes' => [
         'social_id' => 'some value'
$api->api_call_put("admin/customers/customer/123", '', $data);
//where 123 - customer ID