New Update - Splynx


When can we update Splynx?

They told me between the end of February and the first weeks of March.

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Hi, sorry, the release 2.3 is the largest release that Splynx ever had. It will take us at least one month more to tune the version for public release. Currently we have a alpha release that we are testing internally, till the end of March we will have beta release that will be available for certain customers, if everything will work fine in beta, during 1 month we will make it public.

What new features are included on new version?

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CRM, Scheduling, Calendars, new Maps, advanced Tickets, improvements in UX, Reports, Finance dashboards, Mobile app, etc.


Thats interesting!! But still how long to wait, it was told the released date will be End of February!

How can one participate in the BETA testing


You have a release date for the new version?



For now official looks like mid of Jun 2019.

But beta works now.

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How do we get beta?

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If I try the beta, can the configuration of modules that I have been able to configure manually (by code) be affected?

They said mid of February and its been mid of June…

Hey guys…the mobile app wont accept my splynx public IP to allow me to log in…what credentials am i supposed to use to open the app? I wanted to have a look
NB: It says the URL of my provider is incorrect

Https required, so you should use domain