Network and Billing Question

Hi Splynx People, i want to know if i can use various protocols for different types of customers

  1. Customers with PPPoE using same CORE Router Mikrotik 1072 vLan 50
  2. Customers with Static Only DHCP Server - Using the same MK Vlan 51
  3. Customers with Static IP Fixed on they router, Using the same MK vlan 52
  4. Customers Receiving DHCP directly from the Splynx using the same MK vlan 53

All our customer go using the FTTx Platform and FTTH for VLAN 100 who work in PPPoE that not a problem for me but the Standard Router like TP Link Tenda or NEXXT are a BIG PROBLEM using PPPoE i dont know why, and i frustrating when a customer reset the router as factory default

Hi Alvin.

I work with PPTP, L2TP and PPPoE clients simultaneously, in the same cloud-core and radius Splynx. My clients have a Tp-link router, or mikrotik for the case of companies. Tenda has not given me good results, although the latest custom firmware versions for operators (double reset, autoprovisioning, 120 secons push button reset, custom company logo…) have improved a lot.

Can you please give me that firmware for download ?

Of course.
Send me a e-mail to