Netflow and IPv6

I am testing Neflow in Router OS7, but it does not seem to work even after following all the steps in the guide. The client usage graph is not correct; even when the client is offline, splynx shows online.

Has anybody had luck with ver6 or 7?

Gave up on Netflow. It showed 80% of our customers offline as soon as I switched from API accounting to Netflow accounting. Every router we tested it on showed at least 1 customer online with stats so I think it was set up correctly but the vast majority of customers showed offline with no stats ever.

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Currently, you can work only with IPv4 + Netflow. We are working to add support of IPv6 for Netflow in Splynx.

Also, make sure your setup is correct and according to Splynx’s manual - NetFlow accounting

I was testing with ipv4, and it was not working, IPv6 was for later.


Please make sure that your setup is configured according to the manual below:

NetFlow accounting will only work if the SRC IP in NetFlow packets originating from router is the same as IP/Host field value on router’s info Splynx page, it will not work if router’s outgoing traffic is translated (NAT) to IP that is different from what is entered in IP/Host field. It’s better to connect your router with built-in OpenVPN feature for NAS and Splynx to be in the same network.