My own requeriments on Splynx

Hi Again Splynx team, and forum team as all know my name is Alvin of Telery Networks from Dominican Republic

Im back here with a list of requeriments for WISP and ISP, that is needed a lot in Splynx like a REVENUE in SPLYNX SUPPORT SYSTEM, and A ANDROID APP for Manage our Customer or Make payments outside of our office there is my list!!

First is a Splynx Customer Creation Wizard.

a customer when to SPLYNX ISP, the Agent who attend this ISP, tell the customer plans and relevant information
and the customer say i want that service, over the phone or personally so now i go to the standard process of splynx, i create my customer and everything setup plan username blabla bla

so now with a wizard i think will be better, from AGENT DASHBOARD - This need to be a different dashboard where the customer need to type customer number for search any customer in the system

So from AGENT DASHBOARD just click on NEW CUSTOMER WIZARD open a small javascript popup

Please enter CUSTOMER Information

All customer relevant information

AND ID of the Customer of cours

So next step please select the desire plan for the customer so SPLYNX do the same process of old creation and the customer in the same wizard select the plan price tax, username ect.

next step for complete this customer creation please upload or generate a document where cleary we can see the customer signature and contract of service, and OF Course the CUSTOMER ID

Then finish and generate a invoice if there any SETUP FEE when the customer pay the new service will pass from Status NOT PAID and customer from STATUS New to Status Pending install there will be a new ticket autogenerated by the WIZARD where explain to the tech guy where the Service need to be installed contact customer information with the status Pending Install so when this ticked go to be closed or done the service need to change the status to Active and the Customer Service too!

Splynx need to integrate a Zenoss Core or Nagios Core for Device monitoring because Splynx dont notify us by SMS if any device of the company is down

Splynx team need to know some ISP or WISP like me, need more privacity when we contract an employee and we gave access to the system “ok” we can block some access but sometimes the agent dont need to know how much customer we have

Splynx need to make a Printing Windows APP where we can tell SPLYNX, from this computer i will print in this Printer, and from This other computer all invoices marked as printable need to be printed on a specified date of the month

Splynx team need to make some changes with the SMS and make a CURL where when a new INVOICE is ready SPLYNX need to go Customer by Customer where invoice is generated and auto send SMS, where say HI DEAR Customer Your Invoice from ISP Company is ready please pay it soon

Ticketing Follow UP - Via Email Hi dear Admin/Agent/Tech or Group Assigned, this ticket has 10 days old and is not resolved yet please FOLLOW UP this ticket

Splynx Android Payment App with bluetooth printer will be good!!

Custom Plugins for Splynx admins need to give price for make custom plugins is there are the posibility!

Invoice taxed and not taxed there is a problem with this one, splynx need to add two different INVOICE Number of TAX Number from the two different clients if a client is a Personal so i need a different number for that customer tax like PA0000010000XXXXX and if the customer is a Company we need a CA0000010000XXXXX

In my country is very dengerous for the company if we dont do that - we can do manual but we dont want to do it because will be need more personel

//// I know my english is not good at the time but who read this and understand this please comment is need any of this proccess at SPLYNX


Don’t know what to say, it’s a really long list :slight_smile:

There is sooooo many demands everybody thinks is required.
For every single person thats 100% true, but for the community and for Splynx to have a stable product, its important to add features which are widely used and requested only.

How about putting together a small online platform where paying splynx users can request wanted Features. Then Splynx Team consolidates those into a public List and then all paying Splynx users can vote with 1 vote for their own feature plus 5 votes for other features while not paying users can have only 1 vote as well can not add own features to the list?
Voting can happen as often as Splynx has developers available to build new features.