Mikrotik Hotspot Balance Screen Customisation

Hello World

I would like to ask the team if it is possible to show refill cards customers their balance on the page.


https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Refill+cards - More info about refill cards…

Do you you mean prepaid vouchers? But, there is no balance / deposit field on prepaid vouchers…


Thanks for the rapid response :slight_smile:

Yes i mean Prepaid vouchers. How can they see their balances or how to they access customer portal actually?


I think most info (or all) will be here:

may be you will need to extend Cards Attributes on Splynx -
Config / Networking / Radius / Nas Type → Mikrotik

This must be enough to show how many time left on this prepaid voucher.

We don’t provide any customer portal to prepaid vouchers,
but this possible to cover with API (on Splynx 1.3) It is not documented yet, but will be soon.

have you done this? Its been one year already.

Very long ago, https://splynx.docs.apiary.io/#reference/customers/vouchers/retrieve-voucher