Mikrotik authentication timeout


I have issue with one of our MikroTik router which makes many PPPoE timeout errors while other MikroTik routers are working fine. I have double checked Radius setting and looks same as other routers.

Any idea why this router is behaving differently than others? There are a lot of authentication timeout :(.

This snapshot is comparison to the router with timeout errors and another one without error.

what does your radius side say??? is anybody authing on that tik???

From Radius side it says:

31/07 17:28:14:7148 - [000061 ] - [ ] - Reject - [802AA830160A] -> [Server] Customer is already online

I am using CCR1036-12G-4S, version 6.30.4

i know something was broken in some version maybe try updating the routeros…6.38.7 is the newest stable…

I think this is not something related with router version. other routers with the same version are working well

Hi, mikrotik sometimes closes the session without saying anything to Radius server.
Splynx by default doesn’t allow customer to login if his session in Radius is active.

We can disable check of this active session in


Please find the picture below:

and don’t forget
service freeradius restart
service splynx_radd restart


I have checked and its already disabled


The radius side now displays different error than before:
04/08 17:22:19:6603 - [003379 ] - [ ] - Log off - (Port-Error)
04/08 17:22:19:9292 - [2176 ] - [ ] - Log off - (Port-Error)
04/08 17:22:20:1120 - [2211 ] - [ ] - Log off - (Port-Error)

Hassan, I think that this is just saying that PPPoE session is dropped.

Is everything working now ?

Yes Alex.
Every this is OK now :slight_smile:

i have the same Problem but no file named “radius.php” ony one “radius.old-unused.php”.

Use Config / Networking / Radius extended
Check online

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Thanks !!!