Mikrotik API Error


One of Mikrotik routers connected to the Splynx indicates API error. I have checked Splynx - Mikrotik API configured and could not find the reason. any help will be appreciated.



check please network connection between server and mikrotik

  • is API enabled on router ? IP open for connection ?
    you can ping, and telnet mikrotik:
    ping {IP}
    telnet {IP} 8728
    result of telnet should be like this:
telnet 8728
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

With no closing connection (means API active on port 8728)


We specifically had to add a firewall filter rule, allowing the various protocols, from the IP address of the internet-based Splynx server. This seemed to fix this.

(IP Firewall Filter, new rule, input chain, allow, source address=SPLYNX server, and then under protocols, TCP, and the various ports you need)…

—* Bill




I’m really exhausted trying to solve this. My router status is still the same when I posted this message (2017-01-04 09:02:04):blush:

I have done every step you told me without any result and still there is API error. I have a number of other routers and they are working fine. I have compered the configuration. its all same. and its weird this router has different result.

all other routers are fine except this one.


The problem is in some API rule, Mikrotik don’t accept it (may be its some duplicate, etc…)

Simple way to check it is to go to the router - click on Save, and then go to Mikrotik log, and check where is an error - check screenshot:


I have done it and attached the screenshot


This is some network issue…