Mass mark as payed?

Guys is there a way of marking all invoices as payed??? i for instance know that if all my debit orders go through all people that pay with debit orders can be marked as payed???


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I also think that this necessary option should be implemented.

It can be achieved if you upload your direct debit order file back to Splynx. So, the logic is :

  1. Splynx generates file for direct debits
  2. Admin uploads that file back to Splynx in Finance -> Bank processing

And all invoices that are in debit order file are marked as paid.

is there a howto generate the debit order list???

I’m sorry, ALex.

But this procedure does not work. In sepa-custom-export, Splynx is not able to process the generated file because it does not find the data in the columns.

But apart from this, it does not make any sense for splynx to process a file that has generated the same splynx! This makes sense when the bank returns a file to process returns.

How long will I have to mark invoices as paid, one by one?

Please review my support ticket 3079 to document about this problem, and others related to this.

It works 100%, a lot of people are using it now. I will answer on your ticket, we must schedule a teamviewer session and I will show you it.

Splynx is able to process :

  1. SEPA XML file (or any other debit order) as bank statement and mark all invoices as paid
  2. SEPA XML Return (devoluciones), what was not processed by bank

Maybe by default it’s not able to find some columns, but I’m pretty sure it can be easily fixed with changing of some configs