Mass email invoices to customers

I need a way to automatically send invoices to each customer every month without having to manually select each customer or drag and drop each invoice to an individual email.
Its Ok if there is an option to switch on emailing of invoices or add to a mailing list one time, but not every month

I have read this topic but I dont see how to do it from reading this



EDIT - please delete , I have figured it out, thanks!

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Hi Endy,

you should use Config / Finance / Notifications :

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@Andy_Green I hope you are not sending emails client per client. In Splynx there are 2 options how to send them all in one step :slight_smile:

  1. Automatically they can be sent after creation, as Nick described above
  2. Many people don’t use the automatical sending of invoices this way. Rather they use different approach : Open Messages -> and send the email to all customers + attach the invoice to all sending emails. (there is the selection of period of invoices and option send email only if invoice exists)