Login to Splynx from provider site

For example, you have own web-site and Splynx-system. All customers enter to portal using link like - http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/portal/login :

And now, you want customers enter the portal through your web-site. To resolve this issue, we can use “iframe”-tag in HTML-code of web-site. Just select some container and paste there “iframe”:

<iframe src="" width="600" height="230" align="left">


  • <div>-tag - some container;
  • “src” in <iframe>-tag is link to your customer-portal;
  • and of course css-styles (width=“600” height=“230” align=“left”) should be in css-file.

Let see in code:

And now, customers can be authorised right from your web-site and will be redirected to their own home-page:

That is all.

WBR, Splynx team.


Is there any way to change the layout of the iframe page? I would like to change the Customer Login text and replace the button with our custom buttons to match our website.

@spous yes you can do that by going to the following directory and editing the iframe.twig file


I have portal.domain.com as Splynx domain. I have the login as an iFrame on our website at www.domain.com/my-account.

I want to put a 301 redirect on / at portal.domain.com to go to https://www.domain.com/my-account instead of redirecting to portal.domain.com/portal/login so customers who go to the portal address they have book marked are sent to our branded login on our website for marketing purposes.

How can I do this in the Splynx server.