License outdated

Hello, I am trying to login to my system, but it tells me that the license is outdated, do I have to make the request for a new license? I lose the generated codes with the old license?


Looks like you trial license expired.

If you want to use Splynx you should subscribe to license.
here is pricing, and Get a quote where you can select what license do you want.

Friend, what can I do to pay the license and now I have this message “ERROR: The password field is empty.” I already pay and I still have the same message. What should I do???


i don’t know why you decide to pay when you license is outdated (you has one month to pay your invoice)

When you pay your license is activated, but you server still don’t see it.
you can try run by SSH:

/var/www/splynx/system/license/check 1



to check if you have connection to Splynx server

i just woke up to see this surprise.
Initially thought its free for providers with less than 50 users. with the monthly license billing is on a higher side. it won’t help me to continue.
Apparently there’s no way out. i only request you instruct me how to get my users information stored. :(:disappointed:

thank you!

The same problem,
my license was outdated today.

Got this license before changes of rules, maybe you can let those who got old type of free license to work till they will need more than 100+ users ?


On September 2017 we change policy of licensing. and we don’t have free license anymore.

We give 4 month for all old customers with free license to change software or to migrate to paid version, we try to contact all customers with free license.

If you want to extend free license for few day for migration customers or for payment.


I personally don’t like how company if you offer something you should stand by it. Like 100 user free that why we when with you guy it was that tipping point. Could you send us a licence so we get at payment to you.

software companies as any others can change their pricing models, we havent increased our prices, just removed free license because trial works much better for us and new users. we dont have to store, maintain and support hundreds of small or non deployed licenses.
we sent 3 emails, first was sent 3 month ago, the pricing page was changed also long time ago. if wisp is not able to pay 50 usd per month, we can extend the demo license for few days so he can copy old data and migrate to other solution.
if you want to get paid license,just send an email to and we will send you back the invoice.

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thank you for your feedback

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