Last invoice number

we need to change the last number of invoices to have the same from splynx to accounting software; I see also in the splynx db with Adminer without success.

Can you help me to achieve that ?

Thank you.

What is the format of the invoice number?
And what is the format of the invoice number to be made?


the imvoice number format is:


I need to change the last invoice number to start for example to 1.

example, so?Screenshot at 2017-08-19 11:38:19

1 - {year}{partner_id|2}{next|6}
2 - {next|6}
3 - {next}

ps: but save yourself from duplicate numbers

Where do I find that table ?

it’s my virtual test SPLynx

OK Mazapura,
thank you for your reply but I don’t understand how can I set the “next” field to a number of my choice; how can I set that the next invoice will be for example number 10 ?

this is next from “zero” or “last number invoices”

replaced to “{year}{month}{day}-{next}”


the last number in “next” is editable ?

When creating an invoice, change it number manually 1 time, and then “next”