Is it possible to edit/create/delete additional fields with API?

Lets say for example I create additional fields for customer using admin console
config>Additional Fields> Customers

I create my additional field
fieldname = stripeid
fieldtitle = stripeid

I notice this API command doesn’t work

$customersinfoApiUrl = “admin/customers/customer-info”;

print “Input STRIPE_ID\n”;
$result = $api->api_call_put($customersinfoApiUrl, $CustomerId,
‘stripeid’ => ‘cus_xjhfjdfjsdhxj’,


If I use the same API call to update 'passport’
It does work.

Hi Rob,

you used wrong URL and array, for changing additional field. The following one will be correct:

$ApiUrlCust = "admin/customers/customer";  // not "customer-info" !!
        $arr = [
            'additional_attributes' => [
                'stripeid' => 'cus_xjhfjdfjsdhxj'
$result = $api->api_call_put($ApiUrlCust, $customer_id, $ssid_arr);