Is install script broken?

is install script broken?
I tried few weeks ago, and was getting stuck at error abound mysql root password.
Today I tried again from scrach. Tried Debian 8, Debian 9, Ubuntu 16.04

Stops all at the same place

I tried connect form console mysql -uroot -pMySecretpassword. and find no problem, tried dpkg-reconfigure splynx entered password again, no luck.

Hi Kristaps,

are you sure, that you enter the same password?
By the way sometimes it happen if you use special symbols in you MySQL password. Try to use MySQL password without special symbols like: !@#$%^&*<>

I am sure, password is simple only lower case letters and numbers. no special characters. And password is correct tried around 20 times. password works in terminal, but not in installer.

Hi Kristaps,
please create the ticket and we will help you.

Send me PM with license ID what you use.

i think problem is when license is expired.

Issue because license expired. after reactivating license all good.