IPv6 Address Allocation

Hi Team, We are working on implementing IPv6, I have got Splynx to give end users a /64 or /56 with out issue.

I am wanting to use Splynx to also handle the management of individual IPv6 addresses not just a subnet

In IPv4 this is possible to say address x.x.x.x/32 is assigned to this “server” or “device” With IPv6 I can Create a /64 network but I am unable to add a single IP address below this to record that a server or device is on ffff:ffff:0:1::22 e.g. a DNS server or ffff:ffff:0:1::25 being a mail Server. I have added a ffff:ffff:0:1::/64 to the IPv6 Networks to use for a range of servers in a particular location.

I may be thinking about this in the wrong way but I would prefer to have Splynx manage my IP addresses with out the need to intergrade or use a second system for this purpose.