IP Connectivity Question

Hello everyone.

We are trying to setup a trial Splynx server. We do not want the server accessible outside of our network and have provided the server with a private IP inside our network. Initially when we did the setup of the Ubuntu and Splynx we had the Windows server and the VirtualBox VM using a bridged network interface with public IP to allow for download, installation and updates. It seems the Splynx server has been bound to the Public IP we used.

When we configure the network with the public IP, we can reach the Splynx Admin page to enter the license key, but once we change the network configuration back to the private IP, then browsing to the admin page on that IP just causes the page to hang and not load.

We can not have the Splynx server accessible to the internet for security reasons in our environment. Is there any way around this?

If splynx server have internet license will be updated during five minutes, but server should be with internet.

We were able to do this by installing the SPLYNX server with a private IP and did port forwarding for all the ports that SPLYNX server requires from the main public IP on our firewall to the private IP assigned to SPLYNX server