Invoice issues and others with Splynx


I have following issues:

  1. This month the automation for invoices didn’t work ( last month I upgraded to the last version). Please tell me how can do the invoices for this month and how to be automated again.
  2. I want to add a one time fee for installation but i didn’t found any possibility in Splynx. How can I do this?
  3. How to change the shaper from simple queue to htb tree on Mikrotik to be automated?
  4. How can I do automatic payment processing with a custom payment processor from my bank?

Zmau Razvan Paul


Please could someone help me with the invoices? Because that the critical part. I cannot stay and do the invoices by hand.


Hello, we don’t have any issues with automatic issuing of invoices.

  1. Have you checked the Preview if it was generated in Finance -> History&Preview?
    Splynx always generates a preview of transactions first, then it’s waiting for confirmation. By default day N4 Splynx autoconfirms the transactions and creates them together with invoices.

  2. One time fee for installation is possible to add to generated invoice as a new field. Click edit on invoice and add the new field with price quantity etc. Or you can generate manual invoice for the installation.

  3. You can change the Shaping type om Router section to Simple Queue, Simple Queueu Tree or PCQ with Address list.

  4. We have to create a handler for processing your bank files. Please contact to get a quote.