Integrate SmartOLT with Splynx

Hi i let the api of SmartOLT for Customer using ZTE OLT Device i want the integration in the system the api is

Hi, thank you for feedback.
We will think about this integration. All integrations cost time and money.
At the moment we have added Huawei GPON integration, because it’s number 1 GPON vendor and we had over 10 requests for the integration. Here is a video -

I like the API and concept how ZTE is possible to manage, we will wait when other users support this requirement

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yo me sumo a la solicitud de integracion de equipamientos ZTE, tengo mi red bajo esa tecnologia.

Saludos !

Hi Alex can you please tell me how i install the module for huawei administration

Hi Alvin,

please read the manual -

SmartOLT is way more functional than the huawei module.