Instalation with another web server

its possible install Splynx on Debian 8.x with LAMP and Ispconfig 3.2?

Instalation is correct, finish instalation is without errors.

After instalation web browser show fail: Fatal error: Cannot access parent:: when current class scope has no parent in /var/www/splynx/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Error.php on line 64

Thank you


Splynx require clear server without anything installed.

In Splynx 1.3 we delete support of Apache web server, so will work only on Nginx.

ps: you can still use any virtual environment (KVM, XEN, VM…)

If i have installed splynx on apache, after upgrade, i must migrate on Nginx?


but from your side you onlyneed to delete apache2

But i have on my apache another web, so i have to configure it side by side.

Better to use separate server for Splynx (or some VM)

but you can still configure other sites on Nginx (Nginx looks much better then Apache)