IMAP Authentication Failed

We use Microsoft 365 for Business as our company email exchange server. We are on Splynx Version 4.0.21185, still operating under the trial version. No matter what hoops we jump through, we get the following error each time we test the connection (My Profile → IMAP Settings):

imap_open(): Couldn’t open stream {}
Can not authenticate to IMAP server: AUTHENTICATE failed.

We’ve tried every configuration of MFA disabled, enable and enforced through Azure & Exchange administration. We’ve tried generating an App password. We’ve tried using an org box. We’ve even tried using codes from the authenticator app (didn’t work, and we didn’t expect it to). We saw success using a gmail account, but don’t particularly want to send emails to customers from an @gmail account.

Has anyone here successfully used a Microsoft/Azure Exchange Email address in their profile for sending emails?

Hello Meesa,
We have a fix for version 4.0, but only for incloming mail, but in order to set up authorization per admin, we implemented OAuth authentication in version 4.1. At the moment it is possible to update your Splynx to version 4.1 Beta where this feature is implemented. Please contact support with a request to upgrade your Splynx to version 4.1 Beta or wait for the official release of this version.

You have to enable Basic Authentication in Exchange. It’s only a temporary fix, as Microsoft will kill basic auth in the first week in January according to their blog post.

Here is the blog post on how to re-enable it temporarily.