Huawei GPON provisioning integration

Hi guys, we are now thinking about adding to Splynx Huawei GPON OLT provisioning + add TR069 during 2018 that will allow ONT configuration as well. Is anyone interested in this type of add-on ?



Hi Alex. I think that’s a great idea!

This feature is awesome

I need this add-on!!

+1 — This is very similar of what we will need for Calix GPON. Projects

Excelente idea en la actualidad tenemos varios proyectos en gpon y sería una excelente poner controlar las ONT con splynx…

I vote for ZTE

TR069 would be awesome

Ye, TR-069 will be as another task, already on plan.

This would be great.

Having TR069 to work with various vendors would be awesome!

We would definitely like to use it for VDSL modems if possible.

The TR069 is a big project and will take a lot of time, there are plenty of software solutions that do only TR069 and are quite expensive. One of the product goals of Splynx for 2018 is to have TR069 integrated.
This GPON integration will cover configuration of the main GPON OLT Huawei box, not the ONTs yet.

Are you working on TR069 or its just in plan?