Huawei GPON Module Suggestions


I believe the module can get some few improvement and here are my suggestions.

1. Automating the whole provision process.
a) We’d take the customer’s KYC as usual. Create an account, add a service.
b) From the inventory, we’d assign the client an ONU using the serial no. and bind the service to the ONU.
c)The technical team would schedule & complete the installation.

Here’s what splynx would do:-
Every preset amount of time eg. 2hrs or 3hrs, splynx would sweep through the ONT looking for new unregistered ONU’s on the board.

Once it finds a match (customer and ONU serial we assigned earlier,) splynx would auto provision the ONU.

It would assign the ONU a name, assign a line profile, service profile and a VAS profile.
Assuming we are not limiting the bandwidth on the ONU so a 1gbps profile would be assigned. Reason being we will limit bandwidth on the router. Hence more flexibility (double bandwidth at night, FUP etc) Splynx would also add assign the ONU pppoe credentials bound on the service we created.

Splynx would then generate and set a random wifi name (may be using combination of client names & address ) and wifi password on the ONU.

Once it has done all this, splynx would send an email & SMS to the customer informing service activation, the wifi name and password and any other info you want to add.

2. Maintenance Page
This page would allow one to:-
a) Set/Reset wifi name & password
b) Replace ONU with another incase of faults
c) Delete/decommission ONU
d) Set/Reset ONU Super user and user password.
e) View ONU info, power levels, online/offline status etc

This would be a life saver as we would not need a staff member doing the provisioning.
The maintenance page would be convenient for troubleshooting.

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there is a Protocol for Provisioning (ACS) for (GPON-) CPEs.
It’s called TR-69 and implements pretty much exact what you are looking for as a industrie standard.
There’s also a openSource implementation of it (openACS).

Splynx has a TR69 implementation on the Roadmap so I guess its better and more flexible to solve CPE commissioning on TR69 as that is valid for most CPEs (LTE/WiMAX/GPON/Wifi) not only GPON.

Apart from that, you are right, would be great if Splynx would be able to autoprovision (add/delete) newly appearing ONU’s on a OLT. (At least for the Huawei module).


Feasible via SmartOLT