HTTP/SSL Migration

@alexcherry please confirm migration procedure to https is still valid

I noticed there’s no /etc/nginx/sites-enabled folder. Also in ssl_certificate /etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem I have an crt file instead of pem

i can confirm :slight_smile: yes,…

but in you case you have apache2 installed (not splynx)
and this is not good for future, we will delete apache support from splynx, so for now i recommended
to delete apache2 and install nginx (and make dpkg-reconfigure splynx) to receive configs

about .crt or pem files, you still need to order SSL cert and use it.

Who did that?:slight_smile: I used the wiki to install. :confused:

Oh no! Kindly elaborate further. My system is live and in use.:cold_sweat: Already have nginx installed.

Chris, please send us ticket with access to your server, we will check the settings

Ok. Opening ticket.