How to do it? Mac Address Authentication with Mikrotik and splynx

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I would like to know if there is any way to get users to start a session with the client router mac

thank you very much for your prompt help.

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i’m still don’t understand question…
may be you explain what do you want to do ?

@Erick_Rodriguez Do you mean like in docsis platform, cable tv/cable modem platform?, ie you only set and allow the mac of the router in splynx, even if the client resets the router it still connects so long as the mac is in the system. Am i right?

I just want that. when the system registers the mac in the network it accesses the internet as a normal user, as long as the user is solvent

basicamente es esto lo que quiero hacer

es para darle permiso a los equipos de los cliendes que se conecten directamente sin pasar por el hotspot y sin pppoe

El equipo de desarrollo es el mejor consejo sobre esto