Hotspot users not getting limited

Hi Team

I have a very big issue with Hotspots. Users are not being kicked out when they reach quota.

Worse they can even re login with used vouchers until a time where vouchers are marked used, than the system blocks them. Proof >>>


Did you configure COA on router ?


I did, No requests nothing.

Please show the Mikrotik Radius Incoming screenshot.
How many requests/answers are there ?

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As you can see on screenshot, there are 0 incoming connections.
It means that Radius server is sending packets to your router, but router doesn’t receive it. Do you have NAT between the Radus server and Mikrotik router ?


I do, how do i fix that? Will i need a dedicated IP?


Yes, you need a static IP on router, which will be available from Splynx server.
So if you do ping of IP router from Splynx server, you should get an answer

Thanks, ISP will issue me next Month.