Hi Splynx 2.0 Question

Hi dear have any date for splynx 2.0 or have any beta update.

Please let me know ASAP

any update in the interface of splynx 2.0

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PM sent how to install

Please check pm i got a problem with update somdthimg about role and sql

Already all fixed.

could you please send me link aswell??

Sure, please send request to support@splynx.com

Hi EX, i shold be bad i think that because my time zone is GMT-4 you can fix that

because now i go to online customers and just see 1 or 2 customers
and when i go to the mikrotik i see all my customers online. i need to change something?

I think i fixed the problem is good you for check the same but look this


These customer only have 29 seconds connected and say 4 hours ?

Sorry the problem of customer online no fixed check


Please verify

I think you should fix timezone on your server.

But the problem of i cant see the customers online but in mikrotik are online include this ?

Problem on timezone on your server…

Hi ex

Could you possibly send me a pm with how to install 2.0 beta, I would like to test in a sandbox environment.

Many Thanks

2.0 is in development mode currently, we can install it to your server, please send a request to support@splynx.com and provide access to our engineer

Hi Alex

I Have done this, I have created a brand new VM and sent the access details to support.