Helpdesk integration

Hello guys is there a way to integrate something like freshdesk with splynx?? i basicly only want to pull the names and surnames from splynx…

I have two businesses that i would like to use the help desk for. but to make it easier maybe pull data from splynx?

We are going to improve our own ticketing system in 2.1 version, It’s highest priority now. We use freshdesk currently, but want to move to Splynx as our main ticketing system.
Already email integration is done in development 2.1 version and UX improvements and redesign will come soon

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Hi Alex

That will be great. If you can have a look at Monday. It has a great task manager function to only assign tasks internally for support and client call-outs. Select ticket admin and assign it to a tech. Status selection from awaiting to busy to done with priority low,medium,high. add screenshots or client info. Its mobile friendly so our technicians can send updates as they work through the tasks on site.