Help with Billing Logic


I am having difficulty getting the prepaid billing logic to work. Below is what I have done

  1. So I created a customer as prepaid.
  2. Assigned an internet tarrif plan and selected duration 2017-10-02-2017-11-01
  3. Added a transaction
  4. Added invoice from transaction
  5. went to invoice section and activated paid.

After a day in the billing overview the customer has negative balance and customer appears block.
Although I have effected payment for 1 month.

Any clues what I might be doing wrong?



please check doc about that:

ps: your flow is completely wrong on our system.
you can try using recurring billing for that.

Thanks for the feedback.

We have some customers who cannot be classified as “recurring billing” .
For example they prepay for the month and at the end of the month may hold on for a while before subscribing for another 30 days depending on their financials. That is they dont follow regular renewal times.

Ye, you can use this prepaid too

just add money do deposit
and billing will charge customer every day, when money is going to 0 customer will be locked.