Help with advanced Braintree addon request

Hi Guys

Currently using the BrainTree addon with splynx 1.3 successfully (still waiting on STRIPE addon, but BrainTree works for now)

I have created a web form for our user signup process and have it linked to Splynx with the API. This works great but the only problem is we take a credit card payment on our web form which uses BrainTree or STRIPE to process but currently we must rely on the user adding a saved credit card to their customer portal for future billing and payment of invoices. (so because the two systems using the same payment gateway are not linked they must enter their card twice)

I am seeking help in finding a way to take the payment_id / customer_id from the first payment through our web form and using this to automatically fill the BrainTree addon customer cards in splynx.

I think getting the BrainTree customer Id into Splynx somewhere should be easy, but I need assistance if I could somehow automatically populate the user’s saved card value with the info from this customer Id.

After some investigation it seems all I need is the API calls to create a user’s payment account.
Does API currently support this? I hope so