Hello to all, problems in simple queues

What happens is that an additional simple queue is created that creates splynx, I do not understand why it happens every time the user is logged in by pppoe.

Radius creates a simple queue when PPPoE session is connected using Radius attribute rate-limit.
If you also create a queue using Mikrotik AP, then 2 queues are created and one of them is useless. What type of shaping you want to use ? API or Radius based ?

Hello, I need to only create the queue that generates splynx, the other I do not want to appear.

Here check how to remove Radius created queues - https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Radius+based+speed+limits

section Double queues issue

I did what it says in the manual but I have pppoe and hotspot if I remove the pockets of the pppoe but also the hotspot, I just need to remove the pppoe, the hotspot not.

You could use two different Routers for Hotspot and PPPoE Logins.
Then you can separate by using different NAT-Types.

We have achieved this by using the following code in Config -> Networking -> Radius -> Mikrotik, under Rate-limit Attributes:
{% if service.router_id == 0 %}
Mikrotik-Rate-Limit = {{ rx_rate_limit }}/{{ tx_rate_limit}}
{% endif %}

By using this, if you have a Router specified in the Internet Service, then it will NOT send the Rate-Limit RADIUS attribute, and the API can create the queues. If you do not specify a router for the Internet service, it will send the Rate-Limit attribute and the Mikrotik router will create the automatic queue. We do this to support both DHCP (IPoE) and PPPoE clients.

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Does Rate-Limit RADIUS Queues has a limitation of number of targets per queue?

Nice approach!