Get all Services Nodejs Api

Hi guys i have been using php to pull all services with php as it seems to be the only way to do this

any idea why the URI to get all services does not work in the splynx node api client

allservices = “admin/customers/customer/0/custom-services”

You did not mention what you receive instead of services list.

Which HTTP status code you received.
What is received in response if any.

As this is web API, you can also watch web-server log files during request:

splynx-error.log is very useful when HTTP code 500 is received



I get a error code 400

seems like it does not see that as a request or maybe i am doing the request wrong

[28/Mar/2020:20:19:21 +0200] “GET /api/2.0/admin/customers/customer/0/internet-services HTTP/1.1” 400 959 “-” “Splynx JavaScript API 2.0”

Hi Peter

I was being a idiot if you use the search function then that request works and i am happy i now get all the services using node api

sometimes good to think out loud :slight_smile: