Generate invoice & Reminders a few days to billing date

Dear Team,

I have been operating on WHMCS + Freeradius unfortunately your system has more features. Am looking at a scenario i do recurrent billing. By default i would like to generate the invoice on 24th of every month for the next month cycle, 6 days to 1st of the month. I want also to send a payment reminder to the client on 28th before 1st of the month. Same to prepaid i want to send the client an early notice (No invoce here) that their service will expire in a few days time and they should pay before that day.

Hi Erick.
This is possible to do in Splynx. As you know we have a Preview of all invoices that will be generated.
For example you are generating the invoices 1st of July. So the Preview is run 1st of July, then you have some days to confirm and then it creates the invoices.

Splynx allows you to run the preview in advance, for example 24th of June and generate invoices that are for July.

To enable this feature you need to activate Allow saving preview in future.
Config → Finance → Automation

There you also define Set date to finance elements - it says what date will appear in Invoice. In our case if we generate 24.06 for July :
Real Date of issuing = 24.06
Billing Date = 1.07

Hi Alex,

The "Allow saving preview in future " is not in my version 1.2, Secondly where do i set Real Date of issuing = 24.06?

This option available from Splynx 1.3

so you can install as

apt install splynx-dev

Config -> Finance -> Automation

@ex Did it and works. But how or what does the expiry date variable look like in prepaid where no invoices are involved?

This is what am using to get the rest of required var into the notification

{% for serv in loader.getServicesByTypeAndStatus(‘internet’, ‘active’) %}
{% set date_now = date_modify|date(“m/d/Y”) %}

Dear {{}}, Your {{serv.description}} internet subscription will expire on {{xxxxxx}}. Kindly Pay {{ serv.unit_price}} via bill # 7209, Your Account# {{}}. To avoid service Suspension.

{% endfor %}