FUP CAP Notifications

Hi there!

As previously discussed regarding the “TopUp data” and “Main data” that was differentiated when using rollover data - we encounter the same sort of issue with Notifications under the CAP module.

We assume the following under CAP > Notifications: Source:
Monthly limit = Main data
Top-Up usage: CAP data (Or rollover data)

In our scenario, if a customer has 100GB available data (That is “Main data” + “Rollover data / CAP”) we would like all our calculations/notifications to come from this total available data.

For example, we would like to sen alerts on usage of 25%, 50%, 75% and lets so 95% and 100% of TOTAL data usage.

We do not see the need to let a user know: You have run out of your “Main data” but still have “CAP data” left.

Is it possible to have a feature where especially the Notification Source can be the “Total Data”:


Hi all!

Any workaround/ideas regarding our requirement please?