Filtering out tickets with 'resolved' status from view

Is there a way for me to hide “resolved” tickets from the list of all tickets? For instance, under tasks you can hide ‘done’ tasks and show all the other statuses, but you can’t hide 'resolved tickets it seems. Am I missing a way to do that?


You can close the ticket and it will be hidden from your list:

As well, you can create an automation to autoclose resolved tickets after n days have passed, more information can be found in the following article:

Lol… I know, but I don’t close tickets, my receptionist manager closes them after confirming everything was addressed. I just resolve them. They are working from home and not closing the tickets and it’s becoming a pain in the ass. I guess my mistake is looking at all tickets, instead of just sorting by status. Oh well. Thought I’d ask in case I’m missing an option.