Features Required - Quick & Bulk Renewals

As discussed on email, I am putting here. If these features are introduced in next release, it will be highly beneficial.

Renewing service is tedious and irritatingly long. Indian ISPs don’t have highly skilled people working for handling bandwidth & billing management. Mostly the person handling customer renewals is an office executive doing some accounting job as well. Imagine one such person having 250+ renewal requests to work on. In Splynx, that person will have to spend a lot of time doing these renewals.

Indian customers have a typical behaviour. They don’t change their monthly tariffs usually. This fact can be used to provide single click renewals.

Also, while creating service for the customer, instead of asking for start and end dates, simply no. of days can work well. The system can ask for start date with it set default to current date.

Incorporating these features can reduce time, effort and clicks required to renew a customer.

Then there are bulk renewals. If the ISP gets to know a list of customers who have been deactivated / or are going to be deactivated the next day, they can select such customers and proceed for bulk renewal as hardly ever there is a change of tariff or a different start date required. This makes ISPs life easy.

Your task seems weird. leave service end date emply and it will renew automaticly next month. You will have to cutoff nonpaying customers instead.

Hi Kristaps, ISPs work in India in completely different way. They work on prepay only scenario, all users got blocked as soon as they have no money on the ballance. We have the prepay engine which is quite smart and covers it, but all these ISPs are used to work with very simple way of renewalls from outdated DMA radius manager


There is no “balance” system for users. The tariffs/plans have “validity” stuck to them.

“Balance” syatem is at Franchisee / channel partner level. The Franchisee purchases credit say for x amount. For every user whom the franchisee renews, money from his total equvalent to tariff price gets deducted from total Franchisee balance.

What I am asking is

  1. A way to know the list of users getting disabled / deactivated on a particular date.
  2. A way to renew users getting deactivated on a particular date in single click if they are not going to change their tariff.

These features help ISPs in their work.