FEATURE REQUEST, Start bill cycle on user activation date

For me this seems like the most obvious thing the billing system is missing.

Not every company bills all customers on the same date, and in Australia it is standard practice to bill from the service activation date.

As far as I can tell so far in Splynx the billing start date needs to be set. I realise it might be possible to do this with the API but that is another problem to which I currently have.

Surely it would be very simple to implement an option in the billing defaults and customer billing page that instead of selecting billing start date as a number you could select “start billing from account creation date” or “Start billing from service active date”

This would really help me if this was implemented.

Yes, value billing_day response for that (on customer_billing)

and start_date of service

Sorry I am not sure what you mean? Are you saying it is currently possible?
If you are talking about doing it with API that is not what I mean. I requested that the feature should be available in the WEB GUI

what feature ? set of billing day ?

Not billing day but the start of billing , should be dynamic and assigned as the day of the service activation.

However I have now managed to use API to achieve this but I still think it would make sense as an option in the WEB GUI

For example the date is 16/06/2017 when I activate a service for userA
So userA has billing start date of 16/06/2017 automatically.

This already work this way …
please play with To Charge button on Billing section to understand how it work

The billing day defaults to 1

So that will always start charge at 1st of the month no matter what date the user is created/assigned service.

So if UserA is activated on 16/06/2017
UserB is activated on 25/06/2017

As example lets set billing due to 30

Both user A and B will have billing due on the same day
This is not what we want, we expect it to start 30 days from the activation date

So UserA should be billed on 16/07/2017 and UserB on 25/07/2017

for that case you have API and default configuration (1 - is a default configuration and you can change it on config)

could you share screenshot how to config this

It’s not configured in the system, it’s achieved using external PHP script that connects to Splynx API