Feature request: Day data / Night data / Service switch

Good day everyone!

Is it perhaps possible to create a new feature to switch a user to a new service every night at for example 18:00 (and run this tariff as a normal service like now) and switch back the next morning at for example 06:00 to the original tariff.

This will be an amazing feature, as I think it will not change the traffic accounting system, merely a new feature.

Specially in South Africa, we have a lot of services/ISPs selling products with a “Day time tariff” and “Night time tariff”.

We would then utilize the “Day time tariff” as a normal CAPPED service as we do now, and “Night time tariff” as a normal uncapped service with FUP rules but then we can keep the “accounting of data” selection on so that we can enforce FUP rules as the system is designed at this stage.

Please advise on what you think about this, as we are desperately looking for a solution.

If you are also looking for this feature in Splynx, please leave a comment! :slight_smile:

What you are asking for is already possible/existing.
Check the FUP Rules, you can create “nighttime rules” which override Accounting so that existing Quota doesn’t get touched.

Hi Heiko!

Currently we use it like that yes, but this leaves us with no possibility to enforce FUP rules on the uncapped part… We then get users that misuse the lines with heavy downloading etc…