FCC 477 Addon - Error in Address

I just recently installed the FCC Form 477 Addon. I have 4 customers somewhere that trigger “Error In Address” when I run the FCC Export. Is there anyway that I can narrow down which 4 customers that is? That way I can look deeper into these customers (I.e: Maybe I have state highway numbers listed in a way that the geocode can’t look up? Don’t know who they are, so don’t know where to begin…)

Thanks for any help! Keep up the awesome work.

Hi Matthew,

I added task to dev’s and they will add some logs. So, please wait, I will tell you when they finish. And you will should be update your addon.

Hi Matthew,

addon was fixed, please update it. Now you can see customers ID in a top part of addon.

Thanks! I’ll update it and report back.

I updated the app. It showed me the 4 customers that are not functioning. All have addresses entered correctly and they resolve properly on google maps. What service is being used to geocode? Maybe I could do some troubleshooting there.

OK, so after some digging, it appears that the addon is using the US Census bureau’s Geocoder… Which is apparently notoriously problematic…

I wonder about using this FCC tool as it can look up by gps coordinates: https://www.fcc.gov/general/census-block-conversions-api

Maybe a function could be worked out that will use the FCC tool for finding addresses for erroring customs based on gps coordinates (since I have GPS coordinates saved for all my customers in Splynx)

Hi Matthew,
can you provide customers location address? I mean with errors.